Willam Hall

William Henry Hall (b. January 5, 1866) bought Ham House in 1904 to put with his tinsmith shop on the NW corner of the original 'Mrs. Ham's Lot'. Within the village he was known as 'Tinpot Willy'. He had immigrated from the UK as a very young child in 1868, and was married to Mary C. L. Davy. (b. August 25, 1870). They had a daughter Ellender Ann Marietta born on September 18, 1895 and a son Frederick Henry Wilson born on March 1, 1899.

Figure 1. NE corner Ham House c. 1910

We have several photos of Ham House -presumably taken by Hall himself as a camera bag is visible at the NE corner of the building.

In the 1911 census it shows Mary's brother Charles (b. Mar, 1872) and mother Ellender Davy (b. Dec. 1847) living with the family.

Figure 2. NW corner Ham House c. 1910.

There is some local 'history' associated with the family, but that can be left out of this account. Wife died? Son died?

Figure 3. Ham House looking north on Church Street c. 1910

In 1953 William Hall died. The house was sold by the executor of Hall's estate to the McCrackens.