Help Pay Municipal Fees

Our primary purpose was to save the building. In 2010, Loyalist Township was moving to de-designate the property under the Ontario Heritage Act with the pretense it was in poor condition and heritage-designation was somehow obstructing the ability of the owner to make repairs. Located at the main intersection of the village, de-designation would likely have lead to its swift demolition. After purchasing the property, we opposed de-designation and set about to restore Ham House.

Beyond restoration of the building, our ambition is to demonstrate the cultural and economic value of early buildings by leveraging at least part of Ham House as a destination and successful business. Previously a residential triplex, Ham house is located at the main intersection of the Village of Bath on Lake Ontario, half way between Kingston and Prince Edward County. With a rational business model we have identified a pub/restaurant as an ideal re-purposing of the building, allowing the public to experience both the dramatic exterior and spectacular surviving store and residence within. This will catalyze commercial activity in the core of the old village and more importantly, could lead to the restoration of other War of 1812-era buildings still surviving in Bath.

Restoration is not inexpensive, and the Municipal Fees for the Change of Use from a residential triplex to a restaurant are significant. If you would like to help make this project a reality and to see more vitality brought to the centre of Bath, please contribute through the following link. Even very small contributions are greatly appreciated.